What is pcb.e-radionica.com?

pcb.e-r.io is service for PCB manufacture in small quantities. PCBs are professionally made in Croatia, two-layer and delivered worldwide - for FREE! The best thing is: PCBs end up much cheaper than ordering them individually from the manufacturer.

How it works?

This service works thanks to you. We collect PCBs and arrange them into a panel. Image panel being big PCB. When panel is full, we sent it to production where our factory makes is into five identical pieces. Since we share initial production cost, PCBs end up cheaper for you.

What's price for such thing?

PCBs are billed by their square area by cm2(centimeter square).

Price for 1cm2 is 8HRK(around 1.07EUR with Croatian VAT) and it includes 5 copies of your board.

If you had PCB sized 3x5cm(just like our Croduino Basic2), its surface area is 3 x 5 = 15cm2. 15 square centimeters multiplied by price of 1.07EUR/cm2, you would get 16.05EUR for 5 identical copies of your board. Learn more about prices here.

Delivery times

Since this service is brand new, it is hard to estimate production time. Panel is sent to production when it is filled up with your boards, and production time that manufacturer gives us is 7 to 10 work days.
Learn more about delivery times on our wiki page.


All PCBs are high quality and manufactured in Croatia, Europe. Our PCB manufacturer owns ISO 9001 quality certificate. Each of the boards goes through 100% e-test to check all copper traces.
Learn more about quality on our wiki page.


PCBs are made on standard FR4 material with thickness 1.6mm. Two layer copper is 70um thick. Solder mask is in blue color and component marks are on both sides of the board.
Learn more about specifications on our wiki page.


To use our system, you will need to upload Gerber files created from your PCB. Gerber files can be exported from all tools used for PCB design.
Read more about gerber export at our wiki page.


pcb.e-r.io(or pcb.e-radionica.com) is service created by e-r.io in order to make professional PCB production in Europe easier and cheaper. Thanks to you, this service exists. If you have any questions or suggestions, let us know!

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